Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hope springs eternal

We’re about to launch our evangelistic cell group at the university again. Ah, the ups and downs and hopes and disappointments of this cell group!

Strange. Although this group is only four or five people plus an even smaller number of friends, it sometimes consumes more anxious energy and nervous hope than the whole of the rest of the church community that I lead (of about thirty people and numerous friends)...

I guess it’s because, at heart, I very, very, very much want new people to find real faith in Christ. And I want young men and women of substance to join us and put their strength to the oars.

So it matters.

Oh God – bless my cell group!


Anonymous said...
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DarrenDeliberate said...

There is strength to be found in more than just intellect & education (in many cases it can be a hinderance, LOL).

Men and women of substance can be found on the streets, in the work places, parks, the Drop-in, everywhere.

Working on this campus I have to say in my experience I rarely meet any such Men & Women of 'substance'.

I long to find people who live in the area the I grew up in (which sadly for me is not covered by our household), similarly this could be a case of the 'Halo affect' - if it worked for me then surely it must for everyone else.

This isn't to say I'm against a cell group at Warwick Uni (in fact I heartily endorse it). But I would hope it is kept in perpective, I can count a number of potential men & women of substance who are already in the church and growing to realise their potential. Worthy of a fair share of your thoughts hope and attention.

normal said...

I think they get a 'fair share of my thoughts, hope and attention'!

DarrenDeliberate said...

I'm glad they do, I'm certain they do. I Wasn't implying that they don't just that they are worthy of it. I hope no offence was taken.