Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still under the influence

We had more last night at Agape. Here's what I wrote in today's Together bulletin:

The anointings continued at Agape after we considered some of the purposes of the anointing – to know God and who we are in God, to ‘abide’ in the Body, to receive love and power and to move in spiritual gifts. We recognised that anointing will come to different people in different ways (we mustn’t get hung up about the fact that we’re “not experiencing what they’re experiencing”).

Then all heaven was let loose – laughing, crying, shaking, (no falling!) and all manner of other interesting goings-on. Thank you Lord. This should power us up for the coming weeks of activity: J Gen march, Goldsmiths, coach campaign. It’s all go, so Holy Spirit come!


Aidan said...

He comes so we can go.

Yes, the way I understand it it was usually new Kings in the Old Testament who got annointed, as a commissioning to go and do the stuff, an aknowledgement of Gods blessing, passing on of Holy Spirit empowered works, faith etc. Very much for action.


HR?I said...

:( missed it