Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poem (written 14.6.05 and still relevant)

John the Baptist

I confess
I am afraid of you
with your wild eyes
your tangled hair and your voice
crying in the wilderness.
Your uncompromising,
unreasonable, discomforting
You’re weird.
The wild man, calling.
I am deeply afraid of you.
Why do you have to come to me?
Upsetting things,
upsetting me,
crying in the wilderness,
eating locusts and honey?

Yet, I confess
I am in love with you
and with your desert call,
your shouting, your clarion
trumpet tongue
against cheap normality,
the way of the world,
the death of things.

I want to be you,
John the Baptist.
I want the bitterness of the locust
and the sweetness of honey.
I do love you,
terrifying man.
It is the wound in me
that bolts from you
and wants to scream and cry
and run
and keep quiet, holding my breath,
hoping you’ll go away.

Heal me, John the Baptist.
Baptise me.
Let me come out of the water
facing you
and discover that you are pointing
to the Lamb of God.


Just teejay said...

I hear that locust are full of protein & protein helps us to renew our cells, so guess the bitter things in life help us grow

normal said...