Friday, April 04, 2008

More humbled

Well, it turns out that the Bible study was not, in fact, written by my afore-mentioned headstrong young brother (see previous post): he got my fellow-writer of the study to write it for him; a blag I fell for hook, line and stinker [sic].

Not that it changes anything I wrote about young men and confidence. It's just that this particular young man may, it turns out, be a better asset to our church's kingdom businesses than to our corporate understanding of the scriptures.


Anonymous said...

So lying deceit and arrogance is now a asset in the New Jesus Army. Very strange as its totally opposite to what you say you believe in.

Anonymous said...

Its easy to ride in your carriage and laugh at the man on foot, but get down and walk and you'll stop your talk when you feel the nail in your boot.