Tuesday, November 16, 2010

EDP in pictures

As promised, some photos from last week's London adventure.

Jesus Army laughterOn the bus: chatting to Andrew (who God told us we'd meet)

Jesus Army street talkSam talks to Joe and Viktoria. He was into Norse religion (probably because she was Scandanavian!)

Jesus Army in tent cityThese guys camped out to see the Harry Potter premier. I asked this bloke if he was a wizard (he sported a fine wizardly beard). He said he wasn't which was mildly disappointing.

Jesus Army busChurch on wheels: the Jesus Army bus

Jesus Army singersWell, I hear them singing in the streets...

Jesus Army gospellingEarnest conversation. It's a matter of (eternal) life and death.

Jesus Army StreetpapersBethan, giving out Jesus Army Streetpapers (and looking rather pentecostal as she does).

Jesus Army funNot that it was all wet, windy streets. The team unwound by, er, pretending to be goats.

Jesus Army friend
This young Latvian man committed his life to Jesus on Friday night. Which is what it's all about really...

(For more of my pictures of this Jesus Army campaign, click here.)

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