Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Y Jesus

Found this report interesting (from the Bible Society's Newswatch email):

Christianity a ‘faded memory’ for Generation Y

Most young people born since 1982 have only a ‘faded cultural memory’ of Christianity, a new Church of England study reports. Fewer than one in five of the age group – known as Generation Y – believe in a God ‘who created the world and answers their prayers’. A survey of 300 young people, published as The Faith of Generation Y, found that most were unconcerned with answers to life’s ‘ultimate questions’. Prayer was used to cope with family illnesses, bereavements or times of pressure, but a ‘secular trinity of family, friends’ and themselves were their main spiritual resource. However, despite their distance from traditional religion, the report found no active hostility to Christianity.


John Vagabond said...

As an expat in Kuwait, a lot of Brits go to church (Anglican) here because it provides a resonance of home for them. Many have little experience of the chandelier-swinging that I (and perhaps you) enjoyed in times past and the expectation of grace is often limited. Far Eastern congregations are often full to bursting however and have powerful and lively meetings. One reason why I left the UK was because it seemed to me to be teetering on the edge of a spiritual bankruptcy as a culture from which there seemed little hope of recovery. I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, it's St Canute's Day today (king, stood against the tide, got very wet). May he not be a symbol of the 21C UK church...