Monday, February 20, 2012


God's loveI just had an animated phone call from my wife.

A young woman who we’ve been praying for had just phoned her. This young woman is pregnant and there have been serious complications with the pregnancy. The medics said there was some sort of ‘band’ around the child which meant she was very likely to be born seriously deformed and therefore disabled.

We’ve been praying for this woman and her baby, and her partner. We met them some months ago; they’ve been coming round to our community, becoming our friends, finding faith bit by bit. Life is chaotic for them (as for so many families we meet, where the norm is anything but stable family life).

The other day, this young woman tried praying for the first time. She prayed for her mum who desperately needed a new place to live and was excited when, just hours later, her relieved mum rang to tell her she’d found a suitable place.

The other day she said to my wife, “Praying works!”

Then, today, she went to the hospital to find... no ‘band’ around the baby. Prognosis: normal birth. No reasonable medical explanation. They were both, understandably, awed.

They know we’ve been praying.

It does seem that God moves in simple miracle answers towards those who are just finding faith, just being reborn. (Conversely, when we’ve been believers for longer, things are often less ‘open and shut’ – partly I think because God gets to work on our character, teaching us patience and trust...)

God is loving and good. He’s a faithful Father to all his children – and especially to his newborns.

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