Tuesday, March 27, 2012


SoilLoved this peom by my friend Wilf. He said: "This is not directly linked to Watchman Nee's book of the same name. I just stole the title and thought it had to have 'part 1' in it as you can never fully say everything about what a spiritual person is. Maybe other parts will follow. This seemed to express something of what God is saying at present."

The Spiritual Man (part 1)
The earth, the crumbling earth is in his fingers
Fingers that have carelessly let diamonds drop
Shattering to nothing but a quick play of light.
He remembers and laughs
As he climbs the hill of God,

He turns from laughter to tears
As quick as the movement of a thought
For the earth the crumbling earth is in his soul
The soul of a man who turned away
Looking for something else
And was captured for ever,

But still he sees, and he weeps
For the starving child,the lonely lover
The broken virgin, the harrassed mother
For the suicide case at the end of his rope
The soldier boy who has lost all hope
For the saint afraid to get up again
For the sinner afraid to begin.

There was a time
When he could meditate much better
And he was sure of his theology
But that was before he heard their stories
And found himself in them all,the hero of none
That was his story
It was the end of something that could be grasped
And the beginning of something that couldn't,
But grasped him in the guts of his spirit
Of that he is sure.

The earth the crumbling earth is in his fingers
He laughs and he cries
As he climbs the hill of God with dirty hands
And a crowd around him.

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Jayne120 said...

Lovely images.

Jayne120 said...

Lovely images.