Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Oh Andy, we just...

My friend Andy commented on an old post of mine, 'Stop praying to the Lord!'

I enjoyed his comment so much - especially his mock prayer in the penultimate paragraph - that on rereading it today, I thought I'd elevate it to a post of its own:
Perhaps in this age of absentee fathers it is no longer appropriate to pray to "Father"? I'm quite sure that Jesus' audience had a very different mental image when he told them to pray to "Our Father".

Likewise, the term "Majesty" today conjurs images of pomp and circumstance rather than ultimate authority. Perhaps praying to "King Jesus" is outdated too.

On the other hand, I do think that a bit of judicious self-censoring is in order when addressing the All Compassionate Almighty Creator and Sustainer of all things. After all, if someone at work came to me with a request like this:

"Oh Andy I just want to bring to you my computer Andy. It's so slow Helpdesk man and Andy it just needs the touch of your hand. So Mighty Computer Wizard, please would you reach out and heal my computer? Yes Andy, I ask this in the name of our employer with whom you have a contract that states that you *must* fix my computer when it breaks because it's in your nature Andy and you can't help but fix a broken computer Andy because you love computers Andy. Yes Andy. Thank you Andy. In the employer's name Andy, Amen.

I think I'd probably laugh in their face! A simple, "Andy, my computer's got problems, can you help?" would probably achieve a much better result.


Lionheart said...

Hello God!
Welcome to the post modern age

Sam said...

I like this. I think the need for lots of words and repetition comes down to nerves and feeling the need to fill time...

Do you think it annoys God as much as it does me?

Probably not