Sunday, November 17, 2013

A psalm for desperate times

I am so very angry with you, my God. You have become as my enemy.
I know that you are holy, that you are to be vindicated at the last, but I do not understand your ways.
I am so very angry with you, I can barely speak. I cannot sing in your house.
Songs of happy praise are like ashes in my mouth; words of joy are like stones.
My father, my leader has turned back and what now are all his words worth? What light now in the world?
When vows are cast away, what is there of any worth in all creation?
My brother, my friend is struck down and cannot stand. I have cried to you on his behalf.
Why have you not heard my prayers for them? Why have you remained silent?
All we have built is broken. You have crushed it; the work of our hands blows on the wind as dust.
Storms unleash destruction, winds blow, the waters threaten to overwhelm me.
I know my sin, and my folly is not hidden from me. I cry to my deliverer. Save me O God!
Answer me, O silent sovereign Lord! Demonstrate your faithful love for who have I but you?
Darkness is my companion. My prayer is that I will yet praise you.
May my voice again be raised to you from among the congregation of your people.

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