Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two kinds of prayer

Reading Luke's gospel this morning, I was struck by two ways of praying.

It was in a story Jesus told, in Luke 18:9-14.

The first prayer is addressed to God. It is confident and spontaneous. It takes a stand against greed, injustice and immorality. It speaks of a life of spiritual discipline, and financial generosity.

The second prayer is not addressed to God, directly. It is a hesitantly mumbled, set prayer. It is brief and embarrassed.

But the first prayer, Jesus says, is actually prayed not to God, but to the person who prayed it - he says it to himself. But the second prayer goes straight to God's heart.

Which kind of prayer do I pray, I wonder? Which kind are most often heard in our meetings? Which kind have you prayed today?

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