Thursday, April 27, 2006


A busy day of all sorts of shepherdlyleaderly stuff yesterday.

Call to another pastor in the church about someone who may be coming to join White Stone from another Jesus Army household about some of her 'issues'; arranging for one of our community members to start learning to drive (it's a bit of a palaver in community...); deciding whether one of our young member's older brother (who is rumoured to be a bit of a handful) can come and stay with us, having been kicked out by his girlfriend); defusing a potentially damaging situation involving someone having played a thoughtless 'joke' on someone else; getting my head round how to manage some of our latest converts and their complex relationships; planning a cell group at the local university that evening; tea with both my fellow elders in which among other things we decided to reduce a forthcoming evangelism campaign from two days to one; leading the afore-mentioned cell group at the local university; falling into bed and conking out halfway through a conversation with my wife.

"Come and join Christian community" they said. "Experience a life of love, joy and brotherhood" they said!

Well, I did and I do. But there's a lot of human stuff to wade through on the path to "love, joy and brotherhood". I guess that's Christianity for you.

The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.

(John 1:14 The Message version)

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saint squish said...

yes that young christian is me, but my brother found a place at the end so its all good