Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stardate zero

Well, this is a beginning. Congratulations to 'Faith' because it was him - in a round about way - who got me to start a blog. (I wanted to post a comment on his and wasn't allowed to unless I was a part of the blogging in-crowd...)

A little about me and my ideas for this blog (now I have one, I may as well use it...) My name's James; some of my friends call me 'Normal' - apparently, it's a virtue that I have: being normal and straight-forward in a crazy mixed-up world. (Actually, it sounds rather dull and boring doesn't it? Hopefully that won't be the predominant flavour of my blog.)

I am a Christian and a member of the Jesus Army, which is a full-on, colourful, live-out-the-Bible, "love, power and sacrifice" kind of church and I love it very much. Along with about 600 others (in various places across the UK) I live in a Christian community called New Creation Christian Community (hereafter NCCC). NCCC is the engine room of the rest of the Jesus Army really. The house I live at - White Stone House - is in Coventry and has eleven adults - including me and my wife - and two children living in it. (The two children happen to be mine - my daughter is 3 and my son is 1.) We have loads of people who come round and are part of us to a greater or lesser extent - like the afore-mentioned individual (who has the much more exciting 'virtue' name of 'Faith'!) Together with a fine bunch of heroes, I lead White Stone: hence, this is something of a "Captain's blog" of White Stone life. (I ought to mention that if you want a much more profound, poetic, entertaining and readable version of White Stone life, you ought to check out my mate Tschaka's blog - see my list of blog links...)

Apart from my own name (and Tschaka's now!), I intend to stick to 'virtue' names and other pseudonyms in this blog - seems only fair, since other people may not covet international blog fame.

So, there is is: the next entry may well have some real content. See you then.


TJ said...

Just thought I'd say hi and welcome to blogdom

; ) The TJ

tschaka said...

Ooo TJ - you reckon he knows what he's in for?

Welcome James all the same.

TJ said...

He's about to find out..only teasing james,good to see you blogging.

; ) The TJ