Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dizzy, my head is spinning

...Well, slowly turning anyway, but it’s enough to make me feel pretty sick at times. For those who don’t know, I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with Menieres disease in my right ear – an inner ear condition causing progressive deafness, tinnitus and bouts of dizziness and nausea.


Not pleasant and just recently it seems to have got a lot worse. I feel unsteady most of the time, to a lesser or greater degree.

But I fight on – and there are victories.

This weekend was Winning Weekend – an annual August Bank Holiday knees up for all the Jesus Army and others who may come along. There was a lot of power about – healings, deliverance and the like: it was great. And I made it to every meeting (including contributing to some of them) and wasn’t pole-axed by any vertigo episodes. Hallelujah. I also got some prayer and although I can’t say there’s been any discernable physical difference, I’ve got faith that Jesus will heal me in His time and a determination to get on with life in as much of a ‘normal’ way as possible in the mean time.

One of my closest friends was healed recently of a glandular condition that the medics said would necessitate lifelong medication. Another friend anointed him with oil every day for several months – and he was healed (blood tests et cetera to prove it!) But I note well that it wasn’t a case of a quick incantation and hands waved over his head and – bang – instant healing. We’re into faith, not magic. And faith is something we gain through relationship with God and perseverance.

So I’m trusting God and asking Him for grace for today (and preferably no dizzy spells!) You can pray for me if you like. I’ll let you know when I’m healed.


DarrenDeliberate said...

Bless you James,

It's easy to forget that our elders are human sometimes, with frailties, health worries, emotional and/or spiritual battles of their own.

It gives encouragement, remembering this, and causes me to think.. maybe I can do more too.

PS, I'll pray.

your wife said...

i'm praying... and i love you x

dee-braveheart said...

Darren you are right
we see our elders as superhuman sometimes it is easy to do tht as they are often so strong and blless us with a rich teaching and encouragements of strength we can so easily fall into the trap of they are strong becasue they are elders.
I personally have been very convicted of late as our household leader is very dependant on us as a household right now
But to be honest I have found it a privaldge and honour to be able to serve him as he does so much for us and under normal circumstances it is often difficult to find a gap to be able to serve him becasue he is so quick to serve us.
Any way james just wanna encourage you bro
you faith will be honoured and it is a honour and privaldge to pray for you
looking forward to hearing about the grace of healing that God is and will continue to flood you with

Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you James at the weekend, have had meneires disease myself, so know what you are going through.

I will pray for you.

Love pads (anne TJ's friend)

DarrenDeliberate said...
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DarrenDeliberate said...

I will pray

Supernatural said...

So will I.

I will also:

Be there when you can't; continue as a close friend; resist this sickness on your behalf; do my best to help you find God's hand in it all; challenge you when needed; be a reference point when you need to know whether to chill or push through; babysit when needed.

And a bit more besides.

TJ said...

keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

; ) The TJ