Friday, August 18, 2006

A time to plant...

Tomorrow evening will be the second time we divide our Saturday evening meeting into two. We’ve been aiming towards this all year, with a regular campaign to have twenty-four or more people come along (this means twelve or so – a decent number for a household meeting –in each half, should we spilt).

The aim is that early next year, we will officially make two households out of the present one and they’ll develop increasingly distinct identities as time goes on. (We call this a 'div plant': by dividing, a new church unit is begun. It's the biological cell principle.) In the longer term, one of the two will become the basis for a church planting into a new area – we’ve begun to set our sights on Worcester.

Before these long range visions though, we have the closer-to-home challenge of being in a meeting of twelve or thirteen rather than twenty-four or twenty-five. Result? Everyone has to give more, less room to ‘hide’, more chance to get closer to other people, more chance for our newer disciples to grow into active contribution.

So roll on tomorrow evening and roll on the future. ‘The world is our parish....’


dee-braveheart said...

oooo what fun
discipleship in the open wiv out ya mate to hide behind
nah seriously it is exciting and scary all at the same time
Have to be honest i am a tad jealous
keep pushing the boundries adn see the standadr raised high in hte kingdom flag pole over worcester and coventry and where ever else the spirit leads in the months years and decades to come

Andy said...

doh! Missed it!
Im back!!!! (and I've even posted aswell!!!)