Monday, October 02, 2006


Tonight is our ‘House Family’ night. Those who live at White Stone get together for an evening of – well... being together.

The point is that, even though we live in community together, quality time can be eclipsed by the never-ending roundelay of busyness. So every so often, we carve out an evening to redress the balance; have a long, drawn-out, unrushed meal together; enjoy one another; ‘be’.

Last time, we gave interesting and meaningful present to each other (see July 11).

Tonight, after dinner, we’re going to settle back in our armchairs and watch a film called ‘The Privileged Planet’. It’s a documentary (with some seriously breathtaking space photography) about Earth: in particular, some of the astonishing, little-known ways in which it is precisely attuned to support life such as homo sapiens. Tiny changes in Earth’s distance from the Sun, or position in the Milky Way, or size of moon, and so on (and on and on) would make Earth an uninhabitable desert or a frozen rock.

Bravo God, I say. (The film doesn’t go quite that far, though God is mentioned towards the end.)

Should be inspiring. And relaxing. And after that, there’s that other great communal act of togetherness – the washing-up.


TJ said...

Mustn't forget the washing up,surprising what wonderful conversations can be had over washing up with an friend...hope it was a good evening

; ) The TJ

DarrenDeliberate said...

Are you lacking some Zeal James?

1 entry every 6 days, purhaps you should 'strive' for more, LOL

Only joking, I manage about every two weeks on average. ;o)

DarrenDeliberate said...


Any chance I could borrow the film?

normal said...

Darren, you can certainly borrow the film. Ask me when you see me.

DarrenDeliberate said...


TJ said...

This must have been a good film, how could I find a copy of it?

; ) The TJ