Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hearth felt warmth

Last night, about fifty people crammed into one of our country community houses’ lounge. It was a special night of vision for New Creation Christian Community.

We sang the songs of Zion, some brothers shared Kingdom of God teaching, we listened to some community-inspired poetry read aloud – and finished with soup, hot crusty bread and gingerbread men round the open fire.



dee-braveheart said...

it was so beutiful
family that have been in community since well forever those of us who have just arrived and those that are our futre all catching the dream and pushing through to reality
it was so wonderful.
and time flew it seem to vanish and we were all going home
a taste of heaven??

Anonymous said...

A taste of heaven in 2007

Piers said...

Zion is this
Holy togetherness
People with nowhere else to go
but heaven

Zion of God
Called fully out of the world
Bring sacrifices of love
To the King of heaven

It's good to step aside and just revel in what we have, and let others dangle their feet in the waters.