Friday, December 08, 2006

The songs of Zion

Last night, one of our brothers got us singing Zion songs before dinner. Songs like:

Zion, dwelling of God.
Zion, rich brotherhood.
My heart loves to belong
Joined to the stong
Nothing shall break
Nothing shall shake
This bond of love.

Zion is a very special word for us. Used in the Bible to designate the people of God, for us it’s become almost a family name, an identity. We are Zion. A people for God, a people devoted to King Jesus (just as the inhabitants of Old Testament Zion were devoted to David), a shining city on a hill.

While we were singing, I became filled with what I can only describe as impossible joy.

My heart loves to belong. Here’s another Zion song we sing:

My heart is held and planted in Zion
And world and death and sorrow
Can never part this bond we have.

Almighty King to You alone be given
The worship of this people.
Purchased by blood and grateful.


Anonymous said...

yes Zion is a truely fasinating subject as not only is it 'like' heaven but is now. It realates into getting 100 fold now...
doesn't it?

HR?I said...

aww. just reading those songs stirs up my spirit and gives me a weird glowy feeling inside. wish id been there.

normal said...

Ah, you're seeing the kingdom. It's happening all over the place. Hold onto your hats in 2007 folks!

dee-braveheart said...

James twas so beautiful
I soared in my spirit to a place I had long forgotten and was filled with joy that canot be measured
I looked around the room and saw my family that I will spend eternity with and joy welled up all I could do was worship my incrediable diverse caring loving healing freeing God who puts his children before anything ahhh zion I love you

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of that been happening around, this loyalty to and yearning for Zion, it's a new thing and more of us at the Farm are finding it growing in our hearts

Anonymous said...

Zion - something about it grabs and stirs you inside and draws you deeper in and higher up. Created by God calling committed men and women with one heart and one soul to build beauty and strength, founded and borne out of lives laid down!
It'a amazing!!

Bobbie said...

Just to say/tell others that i love you all at whitestone and you are my special family!!!miss you all.

Anonymous said...

My Granddad was a community member in Kings house and we sang 'My heart is held and planted in Zion' at his funeral yesterday. I was moved to tears (again!) and would really like to get copy of the music for it , tabs or scores or even mp3 if anyone can advise me where to find it i would be really grateful. Thanks, dan.

Anonymous said...

should have left me email address regarding the above post - i'm at