Tuesday, March 27, 2007

But by the grace of God...

So I wrote this poem about sin (see There but for the grace of God).

And a dear friend wrote a poem in response which transforms my parched prayer into an overflowing cup. Here it is:

I will see my dreams come true.
After I am dead and gone- I will make it through.
I will wake in the likeness of Him who
makes a beggar His all, his joy, his pride.
I will be a diamond on the forehead
of an immortal bride.

I will cry these scales from my eyes.
At the end of the tragic tale I will start to laugh;
My inner darkness will be cleansed
and my fractured feet will mend
as I dance among stars.

I will speak in love's language that I don't know
and could not learn.
I will walk barefoot through scorching coals
and never burn.
My heart will be fused with the living sun
as I look through pain towards our perfect union.

My thoughts will join with the deepest ever unknown-
I AM in complete knowledge of all that is I AM.
Participate in the self awareness of the foundation stone
who ever lives, and live increasingly as I become
power and wisdom and love in clear reflection
of power, wisdom and love in full perfection.

At the invitation given to share Your throne
I'll walk where none can ever hope to go.
In utter isolation I will never be alone
for You name me, call me, draw me - take me for Your own.

1 comment:

Supernatural said...

Wow. That makes your original poem complete.

I'm struck by the contrast, and by the sheer 'distance' that we can travel through grace. Amazing.