Thursday, March 08, 2007

There but for the grace of God...

Sin is insanity.

I wrote a poem about it today.

I will never achieve my dreams.
I will pour away the precious water of life onto arid sands
I will empty the cup of life into death’s drain.
I will exchange a birthright of glory for a lukewarm bowl of slop.
I will scorn a love so freely offered with such cost.
I will spit in the face of the One who matters most
and gaze with longing into the face of devils.
Not gouging out my eye, my eye will be burned.
Not severing my hand, my hand will be withered.
I will caress the leprous hand of Satan.
I will scribble desperately over my name in life’s ledger.
I will give eloquent, compelling testimony against myself.
I will cut off nose, lips and eyelids to spite my face.
I will run with ardent desire into the icy fire of hell.
I will be Esau, I will be Judas.
I will be damned,
but for your grace.
Oh God. I gasp. Give grace.


Anonymous said...
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dee-braveheart said...

this is so what has been in my thoughts of late
How much I need Gods grace and how much of my time I forget my need of God
infact I have just posted about simular

TJ said...

Good poem, shame you've hide it so we've got to click on poem as many don't bother to click.

; ) The TJ

Piers said...

Thanks, friend and brother.

Supernatural said...