Monday, October 29, 2007

Read all about it on the buses

A little incident last night, recounted to me by a friend:

Last night Shaun and I were walking up toward Broadgate past bus stops and giving people Streetpapers. A bus pulled up and people started getting on, but the driver opened his cab door, held them up and called out to Shaun 'Hey Jesus man, can I have a paper?' he did it twice before Shaun cottoned on and reached through with a paper. The driver received it and then shut his cab and dealt with his passengers.

Encouraging this - not just because I edit the Streetpaper (the 'good news' paper of the Jesus Army)... some people out there want to know.

Jesus is always relevant and we want to spread His fame.

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Anonymous said...

Yes encouraging.

I had a similar thing with a Taxi Driver when we did Football 5002.

It good to know there are people out there who want to know rather than just need to know and don't realize it yet. Makes the ploughing easier.

Darren Deliberate