Monday, August 23, 2010

'Big Society'

Is the 'Big Society' David Cameron's biggest and best idea?

In a recent report, the manager of our Coventry Jesus Centre says, "Big Society means more involvement of charities, community groups and social enterprise in tackling social needs. We are doing that, so watch this space."

He then goes on to detail how Coventry City Council have donated a garage to us to store furniture for homeless people we are helping to house, and given us money for a van.

Is a new day of cooperation on behalf of the poor dawning? If it is, and if the Big Society is more than just a soundbite, then I will do what I never thought I'd do: declare a loud hallelujah for Cameron and his coalition.

We shall indeed watch this space.


John Campbell said...

But if it just means that the government squeezes charities harder to get "something for nothing", then I, for one, won't be cheering.

normal said...

We'll have to work and see, I guess.

loz said...

Squeezing rehabs and addicts is on the agenda for sure. Times - yesterday.

pierscjc said...

The council are paying for us to use a store and their van to shift furniture for our bond scheme, and paying for PAT testing equipment. So they are putting their money where their mouth is so far. But we're only smal fry.