Friday, September 03, 2010

A bang in a teacup

Picture by dimitri_c of sxc.huSo physicist Stephen Hawking has blown up a media storm by claiming God cannot possibly be the Big Banger.

The Guardian ran a poll on whether or not you agree with his conclusions. But I was struck by the annoying secularist bias in the way the questions are phrased. Here was the choice:

'Yes. I believe in gravity, not divinity' (i.e. the two are incompatible and to believe in God I have to be a self-confessed ignoramus).

'No. God: Hawking 'not necessary' (i.e. believing in God means I'm not only an ignoramus but also quite prepared to dish out rudeness for my religion).

So, if I may, let me phrase my own answer:

'No, Hawking is wrong despite his enormous scientific intellect. The more wonders he explains the more I'm filled with wonder - and faith.'

Or as I tweeted it somewhat more facetiously late last night:

Science is hawking another explanation for everything today. The laws wrote themselves. Good night.


John Campbell said...

Hawking's argument in a nutshell is that with mind-blowingly super-astronomical number of possibilities, anything could happen, so the universe could appear out of nothing, so everything is explained.

The line of thought could equally well be that in one of Hawking's infinite number of multiverses, God exists, so he does. QED.

Chronically Claire said...

I'd have to agree & say the way they phrased the question was awful, I wouldn't put it down to secularism, just bad journalism! The correct question would be, "Do you think that the evidence that Stephen Hawking has put forward, suggests that there was no divine intervention at the creation of out Universe? (or summit like that!)

Or even do you agree with the statement "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going"?

And the boxes to tick would be

"Not Sure"

I am a science student myself & have to say this poll is not very scientific, you won't get real answers from that poll, take it with a pinch of salt!

I recommend reading what Hawking has said when his book comes out & making your judgement after that, I know I will!

John Smith said...

When God entered the vast nothingness of what is now 'space' its not surprising that His shear power and energy caused a 'big bang'.