Monday, March 24, 2014

Duck church

One morning the ducks waddled along to duck church. When they got there they waddled into their duck rows and sang some duck songs. Then the time came for the duck pastor to preach to them all.

‘You can fly!’ he said, and the ducks all quacked with excitement.

‘You can fly! You can fly!’ the duck pastor repeated. More lively quacking from the duck congregation, and many now jumped up and down with excitement at the thought that they could indeed fly.

Then the service came to an end and all the ducks waddled home.

This pointed little fable was told by one of our congregational pastors yesterday and is reproduced here without permission. But I don’t think he’ll mind.


Dj Justified said...

James I don't get this fable what is the message with in the story thanks dj

n0rma1 said...
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n0rma1 said...

However much we're told the amazing truths of the gospel ('you can fly'), we often live like they're not true ('waddle home').