Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'Such stuff' - a poem

Such stuff

I am walking in the wide
spacious centre of my days
- or near the brink.

I am swimming in the open
turquoise ocean of my life
- and soon to sink.

I am sleeping in a deep
dreamless slumber till I wake
- in an eye's blink.

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Genevieve Langdon said...

When evil days arrive
And hang across my world
Like a shadow shutting out the light
With darkness all around
I can barely hear the sound
Of your whisper as I listen in the night

There are no more words to say
Just an ache inside my soul
And I wonder will I make it through the storm.
Blot out my painful past
Release my heart at last
The sorrow that causes me to mourn

When evil days are gone
And the battle has been won
My face will be shining like the light.
So take my life and will
I wait quietly and still
For my God to step into my fight