Friday, May 18, 2007

A pencil chewer

Pencil chewer
Theological question for anyone who is up for the challenge:

What is the significance of the fact that the human race began in a garden and finishes up in a city?

(See Genesis and Revelation...)



darren delibrate said...


Aidan said...

Quite simple-

Man took over and chose to snatch the power, to be greedy, build his own empire of self. God looks on crying and then calls His people out to Himself, to His creation not His creations fallen creation.

Though there's undoubtedly more depth to explore.

May I add that Jesus' major testing times were away from human cities, into the desert or the garden of Gethsemane, then out away from the city to the Skull hill (Calvary)


tschaka said...

The remarkable truth is that our choices matter, not just to us and our own destiny but, amazingly, to God Himself and the universe He rules.
--Philip Yancey

Is that why? Because we've become a people and not just a couple, because we've chosen to manifest our destiny in a particular way? ie. human nature is to build

Piers said...

Start with keeping a garden, reach the beautiful harmony of a perfect city.
Start with a few in a good bond, gain a vast host that live close in a city of perfect love. Cities are for lots of people together. A huge garden would be a bit spread out.