Thursday, May 04, 2006

A river, a knight and ice cream with popping candy

Been feeling a bit under seige the last couple of days. A combination of tiredness, anxiety and murkiness of spirit. Poor old me, eh?

Someone gave me a 'picture' at our Tuesday night Agape meal. (I should explain for the uninitiated - this means that he had a revelation from the Spirit for me in picture form, not that he'd nipped to Woolies and bought me a print). It was about a river with a leaking bank. He had an interpretation which was encouraging and I was grateful, but I found God speaking to me about it along different lines.

It was a warning - combined with a call. I need to protect the banks which contain the life of the Spirit in me. I sensed again God's call to take me far into His purposes - but that this could be hindered or even squandered, Esau-like, if allow my banks to be breached through sin or dullness of spirit.

Right after this another brother spoke about how God was re-calling me (as 'His knight' was the expression he used).

So I'm grateful - and I need to heed the revelation.

Also (much more cheerful) we had ice cream at the Uni' cell last night - with popping candy! What could be better?


an anabaptist said...

oh no... please don't mention ice cream on a ja blog. Some people have a BIG problem with ice cream being eaten by people who live in community! lol!

normal said...

You're right anabaptist, that was dangerously indiscrete. Could've got us into a lot of trouble that one. I'll try and be more careful in the future...