Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Turner (gets the) prize

I'm leading an assembly at the school I used to work at on Friday. It's always a bit weird going back to the old stamping ground (not to mention the old ankle biters - most of whom are probably now 6 foot with beards... that's just the girls...)

Anyway, I've decided to recycle some of the stuff I talked about at our 'Solid Rock Cafe' gospel event from Sunday night. The theme was air/breath/Holy Spirit. Getting there involved Elmer the patchwork elephant taking parachute jumps and Ezekiel prophecy to music. But the particular thing I want to recycle is a poem called 'Air' which I believe is by a Christian poet called Steve Turner. I love his poems - crunchy, humourous, understated, profound.

I looked up 'Air' on the net and didn't find it. But I found some great poems by Turner nevertheless. Thought I'd post a couple... If anyone out there likes them, I may post a couple more.

How To Hide Jesus

There are people after Jesus.
They have seen the signs.
Quick, let's hide Him.
Let's think; carpenter,
fishermen's friend,
disturber of religious comfort.
Let's award Him a degree in theology,
a purple cassock
and a position of respect.
They'll never think of looking here.
Let's think;
His dialect may betray Him,
His tongue is of the masses.
Let's teach Him Latin
and seventeenth century English,
they'll never think of listening in.
Let's think;
Man of Sorrows,
nowhere to lay His head.
We'll build a house for Him,
somewhere away from the poor.
We'll fill it with brass and silence.
It's sure to throw them off.

There are people after Jesus.
Quick, let's hide Him.

The cast of Christmas Reassembles for

Take the wise men to the Emperor's palace.
Wash their hands in water.
Get them to say something about truth.
Does anyone know any good Jewish jokes?
The one about a carpenter
who thought he was a King?
The one about the Saviour
who couldn't save himself?
The shepherds should stand with the chorus.
They have a big production number -
'Barabbas, We Love You Baby'.
Mary? She can move to the front.
We have a special section reserved
for family and close friends.
Tell her that we had to cut the manger up.
We needed the wood for something else.
The star I'm afraid I can't use.
There are no stars in this show.
The sky turns black with sorrow.
The earth shakes with terror.
Hold on to the frankincense.
We'll need that for the garden scene.
Angels? He could do with some angels.
Avenging angels.
Merciful angels.
He could really do with some angels.
Baby Jesus.
Step this way please.
My! How you've grown!

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