Friday, June 16, 2006

Carpenter from Nazareth seeks joiners

I'm 30 today. The age that Jesus left carpentry and got mixed up with John the Baptist... three years later, he was dead.

And raised from death, never to die having purchased the salvation of the world! But it all started at 30.

So you could say, I'm just at the beginning - the rest was just practice, just carpentry. And now?

I really want to live for God. I want to be like my hero, Jesus. That's my gameplan for the rest of my life - be it three years or ninety-three years...


an anabaptist said...

lets go for ninety-three shall we?! how many communities can we plant in that time span?

dee-braveheart said...

As surefoot said do yoiu wanna live long
and james i saw your hand fly up
so i guess that there are gonna be a far bit of planting in the 63yrs
well that is if the last few yrs are anything to go by.
grace and blessing for your 30's james it is a great decade says she who is nearing the end :)
oh great bbq by the way

Andrew said...

well you are very brave amitting to being 30 online


Anonymous said...

30 is nothing when living eternally
age is a number not a state of mind
when in God a day is a thousand years and a thousand years being a day