Tuesday, June 06, 2006


When disappointments flock overhead like a cloud of cawing rooks, it's good to come back to square one and realise that the source of our joy isn't the passing things anyway: it's Jesus, risen from the dead and soon to return. Nothing can shake Him. Our joy is unshakeable.

Then birds of prey came down... but Abram drove them away.


an anabaptist said...


risen. alive. glorious.

This our joy.

dee braveheart said...

it is strange i never read this post today
and my reason for looking was that in brotherhood today we were asked to share an experince of joy and so it got me thinking
ultimate joy is Jesus rising from the dead with the keys of death and hell in his hands and bursting forth in victroy so that you and me and everyone can experince the joy of llife and forgiveness and brotherhood fantastic and as i think my spirt is leaping