Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New generation

We were praying last night. Two things stood out for me.

Firstly, encouragement: we have a church. Many of our disciples are in a mess of one kind or another, but most of them are travelling towards God in their journey, rather than away from Him.

(Someone pointed out to me recently that the direction is really the most important thing. You can be a core member of the church and a mature Christian and be moving away from God; you can be a newborn disciple without much of a clue about your faith and be moving towards Him.)

The second thing was sobering: we desperately need a new generation of leaders. Peers of the younger disciples, but truly embracing the kingdom and, well, leading.

Tonight I’m meeting a nineteen year old lad who I’ve got a lot of time for, a lot of respect for. He’s a Christian. He’s wondering what to do with his life.

Could he be one of these leaders? And how, oh how, oh how do I meet him and listen to him and be with him without bringing an agenda to it all? (Falling on my knees and sobbing ‘Oh pleeease join us, we neeed young leaders’ may be rather unseemly in public – and then there’s the more subtle dangers of manipulation or understated coercion.)

So maybe I’ll just chill out and enjoy his company.


DarrenDeliberate said...

The chill out option sounds good.

As far as leading goes, there is plenty of time and we may yet see a leader emerge from our existing group of youngsters.

dee-braveheart said...

I have to agree with you there darren
if we look at leadership through our eyes of flesh then we will never get there
and we could say it takes x amount of time for one to reach the dizzy hights or depths of leadership
but In God a day is as a thousand years and vice a versa
chill but stay on the watch and never under estimate or over estimate
God is doing so much and he is more that capable
as yoiu have said a million times

normal said...

Well, thanks guys. I had a great time with him in the end and we talked about all kinds of things. An evening well spent...